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Drizzle this luscious, fragrant honey over mild or sharp cheeses, fruit, yogurt, freshly baked goods, waffles and desserts ? it?s equally fantastic with grilled or smoked meats and fish.
cold-infuse our honey with saffron, protecting the rich array of biochemical compounds in both the saffron and the honey.

We also take our time: The whole process requires 12 full weeks, during which the infusion is kept in precisely controlled conditions to protect it from heat and light. But the end result is worth the wait: Saffron Honey is a perfectly blended amber elixir, as delicious as it is good for your health.
Saffron honey provides you with all the benefits of both organic saffron and raw honey:

Low glycemic index and all-natural, Saffron Honey is a much healthier alternative to refined sugar or chemical sweeteners.
High in antioxidants, vitamins, antiviral and antifungal compounds, and a host of natural hormones, Saffron Honey is great for the immune system and overall health.
A potent natural mood enhancer and aphrodisiac, Saffron Honey can chase away the blues and help put the spark back into your relationship.
With powerful anti-inflammatory properties and packed with nutrients, Saffron Honey is great for athletes, giving them a natural burst of energy when they need it and reducing recovery time after a strenuous workout.
An aid to blood circulation, Saffron Honey supports cardiovascular health and has cosmetic benefits as well, giving you smooth, radiant skin and a natural healthy glow.
Rich in polyphenols, which have been shown to help prevent heart disease, Saffron Honey is great for cardiovascular health.
A powerful prebiotic, Saffron Honey helps nourish the good bacteria that we need for gut health: crucial for digestive as well as overall health.
A time-tested natural remedy for coughs and sore throats, just a teaspoon or two of Saffron Honey can help you feel better when you?re under the weather.

Storage Saffron Honey is made from raw organic honey and is an all-natural product, meaning that it is unpasteurized and contains no artificial preservatives or colorings. Please follow the storage instructions on your Saffron Honey carefully.

Your Saffron Honey may crystallize a bit in cooler weather. Please note that this is perfectly normal for raw honey! In fact, it is a sign that your honey hasn?t been artificially processed or heat-treated, and means that it still contains all of the health-giving bio-compounds that make raw honey a superfood. Those little glittering honey diamonds mean good health!


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